The Digital Summit is curated by digital marketers, for digital marketers. We focus on topics to keep you up to date on the latest digital marketing trends and insights.

The 2018 program will be updated here once finalised. 

Last year’s topics included:

>> International Keynote: We found your customers and they’re on mobile. Find out how Amazon attract their future lifetime customers using mobile and how they target a flawless customer experience through this channel. Mike Hines, Amazon

>> International Keynote: Doing Data the Netflix Way. Gain insights into four ways that data engineering supports marketing outcomes at Netflix, allowing them to be more effective and efficient and have greater understanding of their customers. Satya Kunapuli, Netflix

>> How to use social media to stay appealing, reactivate customers and drive sales. Find out how Asahi brands approach and leverage innovative social media techniques to launch brands, increase reach and interaction and drive sales. Virginia Woodger, Asahi Premium Beverages

>> Information Overload: Extracting value from data. Find out why you want all the data you can get, how to extract value from it and the emerging uses of data ahead. Sean Smith, Wangle Technologies

>> Appetite for Disruption. Find out how to connect with new customers to disrupt a marketplace and the key attributes of companies who do this well. Philip Bonanno, Facebook

>> Fast growth – solutions for a good problem (Melbourne Only). Find out how Showpo are working on this challenge through applying smart structures, optimisation and creativity. Mark Baartse, Showpo

>> How to create authentic content assets from conversations. See how organisations can reverse engineer their audio and video content to intensify their message, reach their target customers and get to the zero moment of truth. Ronsley Vaz, Amplify

>> Digital Futures: panel discussion. Join us as we look to the digital future and discuss what’s ahead for Marketers. Drew Unsworth, XeroScott Thomson, Google | Facilitator: Louisa Dahl, Interactive Minds