Brandon Evertz

Brandon Evertz

Co-Founder and CEO

Big Review TV is Brandon Evertz’s brainchild. Focusing on his passion for video, Brandon set himself a challenge in 2012 to develop a unique Internet based business concept that not only leveraged internet usage trends but also withstood tough business start-up revenue generation requirements. The idea was to create a video-based review site after becoming frustrated at the current crop of text-based review sites, such as Trip Advisor and Urban Spoon.

The business model was based on creating high-quality, low cost videos for small to medium enterprises (SME’s) and today Big Review TV is the world’s first video review platform providing consumers with video reviews allowing them to search and view content and to make and share video user generated reviews using the Big Review TV video app.

Brandon has placed himself at the sharp end of the business and been personally responsible for trials of the BIG business model, video direction and production and business development. Brandon’s passion for Big Review TV and his experience of what works and why, make him a unique and highly valuable leader.


July 19, 2017
All eyes on me, presented by BIG Review TV
14:40  -  15:10